Playing Favorites

Not to brag or anything, but my kids are totally everyone’s favorites.

On Friday, I cancelled their swim class (which is really water therapy–teacher is a SpED teacher and former PT/OT and has been working with special needs kids in the pool for over a decade). All three of us were on the tail-end of a nasty stomach bug, and I just didn’t trust their swim diapers to contain anything at all. Their teacher literally said, “Oh no–they’re my favorites!”

(This is funny because, up until last week, I wasn’t sure she liked us at all, much less more than anyone else.)

And then Mr. A’s PT/OT not only came to their birthday party, but she also stayed for quite some time. And brought them the neatest sensory bin and a bunch of oral-motor “toys”.

It makes me happy that my boys are so loved, even by those we (or the state) pay to work with them.


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One response to “Playing Favorites

  1. Rae Rae

    I can’t imagine anyone who has met them not loving them wholeheartedly. I have yet to meet them and they already live in a big piece of my heart.

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