Shrinky Dink

I shouldn’t be surprised. I weighed him out of turn for a reason. His spine, pelvis, scapulae becoming more prominent.

The stomach bug (presumed Norovirus) Mr A, Mr D, and I had of course hit him hardest–the one with the least to lose lost the most.

I weigh him every two weeks to adjust his milk amounts as needed. On the 25th, he was weighed at the hospital when scheduling his palate repair (which, by the way, Blue Cross is demanding “additional information” before approving, because a palatoplasty is something all the toddlers are trying to get these days). Clothed in overalls, he was 7.41 kilos (16 lb, 5.4 oz). Subtract the overalls but add a few weeks, and I figured he would weigh 16 pounds at his 1-year checkup this Friday.

Tonight, fully clothed in fleece pants, he weighed 6.97 kilos (15 lb 6 oz).

I am heartbroken. I think my son has failed to thrive.


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  1. Anne D.

    Hugs, Mama! I don’t think losing weight through a stomach bug is failing to thrive! He will bounce right back, I bet!

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