Weighty Matters

The boys had their one-year well-check today. It went about how I expected.

Mr. D is a tall 31.5 inches (91%le—non-adjusted!) and a good-sized 23 lb 6 oz (56%). With his daddy’s head (47 cm, 67%) to round things out. Our pediatrician’s group recently moved buildings, and Mr. D was happy to help them discover which of their locked cabinets were actually not locked. I didn’t exactly turn him loose, but what with having twins and “Oh, sorry, our computers did something weird”, we were in Exam Room #3 for over 2 hours. (The bitterest part was waiting almost 40 minutes to get six—yes, six—pokes per boy. During what should have been nap time.) Anyway, everything about Mr. D. is just perfect, except for the fact that he sleeps in our bed, either attached to my boob or a bottle. He’s too big to eat all night long and is doing it for comfort, according to our pediatrician, and I do agree. She didn’t say we have to kick him out of the bed, but I know my husband is wanting to, and I’m beginning to think that, once he is night weaned, he will sleep better in the nursery.

My first-born, Mr. A. Well, I knew he’d lost weight. His height was a bit of a bummer, probably because he was mis-measured while inpatient last time (they got him at 28 inches, which did seem a bit much). He is 28.25 inches long, and in the 7%le. On the charts, like a big boy! This is the first time he has been more than his standard 2.25 inches shorter than his brother, a trend he had continued since birth. But oh well, maybe he’ll get back. He continues to be in the 0%le in weight, at 15 lb 4 oz. His head is also in the 0%le, at 43 cm. Because he is continuing to grow in both areas, and because he mimics the curve (except recently), just being a bit beneath it, the good news is, we have once again avoided the dreaded microcephaly and FTT labels.

Our pediatrician is on board with both my big plans for Mr. A’s tummy: we will keep him on his fortified breast-milk until his surgery (which is, after all, only 3 weeks past what should have been his due-date), and then we will transition him to the blended diet. Which is exactly what it sounds like: food put through the blender and then run through his tube. I plan on having his 24 oz of milk still be breast-milk, where Mr. D will be getting whole milk once he’s hit his due-date (unless I have extra, in which case we’ll see). She gave us a referral to a dietician, since she feels like striking the right balance between nutrients, calories, fluids, and sheer volume (A’s stomach is still small, and his reflux is still bad) is beyond her expertise. She also, and thank god, gave us a referral to an SLP. It’s time to be more aggressive in this area, particularly once his palate is repaired, particularly-particularly if insurance will pay for it.

We intend to milk Blue Cross for all they’re worth. They, in turn, continue to be total jerks, denying this, wanting more information about that, suggesting alternative this, blah blah blah. That’s a whole other post, though.

We will also be feeding Mr. A more, in hopes of gaining back that lost pound, and maybe even building up some reserves to get him through surgery.

On Wednesday, he had his annual evaluation (not the meeting, just the testing) with EI. That bummed me out. That’s another post again, but suffice to say for now that I hate how they don’t have a box for everything he DOES, and that it’s a 3-strike rule, and all those strikes can be related. Alas and whatever.


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  1. sparklythings

    Definitely not FTT.

    I always wonder about the “boxes for everything he DOES,” too. WPD doesn’t do all the stuff in the boxes when we go to the pedi, but he does all kinds of stuff they don’t have a box for. I know it has to be much more frustrating for you – since Mr. A is doing amazing things that might not just fit their little form. Bleh.


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