Cleft Palate Clinic

We have our first visit to the craniofacial clinic today. Although we were originally referred (and even met with a surgeon from the clinic) at the hospital where I gave birth and the boys spent their first two weeks, the specialized children’s hospital Mr. A was transferred to and then spent nearly 2 more months chillin’ in their NICU…well, they decided that we just didn’t need to go.

Or something. I was told things like “politics” and “you’re already seeing an ENT, so…” and things that just didn’t add up. It slowly occured to me that they just didn’t want to waste precious time and resources on my son. Getting the official confirmation that yes, they thought he would die before he needed his palate repaired or any of the other services (feeding! for christ sake, FEEDING!) was the final kick in the pants to start this blog.

And now, in just over 6 hours, we go. They told me to expect 2-3 hours since it’s his first time, and that he might not meet with all the specialists. Let’s skip the dentist but NOT the SLP, ok?

Anyway, I’m nervous as all get out, and I’m not sure why.

And in a month exactly, he gets his palate repaired. Terrifying.



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2 responses to “Cleft Palate Clinic

  1. Rae Rae

    Sending you big big hugs from the land of thugs.

  2. sparklythings

    Did he get to see anyone besides the craniodude? Just curious.


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