The dreaded justavirus

When D’s nose started running about 10 days ago, I promptly freaked out. My mother, grandmother, aunt, and several others I know have had an awful clod/flu thing that lasted about 3 weeks and made them feel like death. I did not want that for Mr. D, and I especially did not want it for Mr. A, given that he gets surgery on the 25th *and* had to go to the ER (as in, our pediatrician sent us there when we went in for a check…) with what turned out to be parainfluenza in September, and was full-on admitted to the hospital with what turned out to be rhinovirus (aka “the common cold”) in December.

Sure enough, a few days later, both Mr A and I were sick. But it’s not whatever awful bug everyone else had (which means my poor mother is actually sick again, since she came over to help on my sickest day, figuring she was immune…not so much). Yes, my nose is still stuffy and both the boys are plowing through Boogie Wipes, but it’s not that bad.

Mr A is handling it remarkably well. His reflux is acting up (which…you try swallowing the amount of snot he has, and get back to me on that) and he is more tired than usual, but I’m nowhere near calling the pedi, let alone taking him in.

Surgery, as of yet, is not cancelled.



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5 responses to “The dreaded justavirus

  1. Anne D.

    Ugh! I am sorry everyone is sick, but I sure am glad it isn’t the big one some of your family members had! Healthy thoughts headed to you and your little Misters!

  2. Eva

    I came over from your old blog. My best wishes to you. You seem to be doing a wonderful job, all my best wishes for you and your two little ones!

  3. Erica F

    I came over from your other blog as well. Our home seemed to have been hit with the illness stick as well. Hoping for speedy recovery and ridding of any lingering germs.

  4. I came from your old blog, too. I just wanted to say that I wish you and your family all the best, and that I would like to continue following your blog.

    Thinking of you guys and hope that you all feel better soon and that A’s surgery runs smoothly as planned.

  5. Well, you know I stalk you everywhere, but wanted to pop in and say HI! And I hope all of you are on the mend. Will send up some prayers for A for his surgery, BIG HUGS to both little men and feel better soon!! xoxo

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